About Me

Hey there! I'm Bosslady - also known as Christi, mom, Sis, grandma, honey, baby and spider monkey (more about that later) in my daily life. Welcome to my little spot on the web.

I'm a little country girl turned ol' lady - an ol' lady is the wife or girlfriend of a biker, in case you've never watched Sons of Anarchy. I was born, raised and lived almost all of my first 39 years in a little bitty town with more gravel roads than paved ones, one grocery store and no stop lights. Yeah, it was that little.

My oldest son was a roughstock rodeo rider turned Marine - hoorah! I lived out my days as a teacher of high school behavior disordered and emotionally disturbed students and my nights and weekends in Wranglers and ropers and driving a stick shift Ford truck - complete with "Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts" and "Cowgirl Up" decals.

I was married for 16 years and single for four years when I met and fell in love with - a biker. Yeah, I know. Strange things happen when you're not paying attention. And, I really wasn't paying attention. I wasn't looking for a man and truly didn't want one even if I happened to cross one's path. So much for what I wanted.

Here we are,  years later and I'm happily and lovingly married to my biker called Bossman. Just so you know, he's not in charge of anything. He's in charge of everything. Hence, the name "Bossman". He earned it by default since he is, well, bossy.

So, here's where I tell of our day to day adventures and life in general. In the Bosslady section you can find my random thoughts and challenges and well, you know, whatever is on my mind at the time. In the Bossman section you can find my random thoughts and posts on my wonderful, beautiful (and sometimes aggravating) husband - Bossman. In the cooking section - which may be my favorite - is where I post recipes and cooking ideas on how to feed a big ol' burly biker healthy food. I'm sure this will prove to be a daunting task, so we'll have to take that one nice and slow and easy. Also, just so you know, doc's orders are for Bossman to eat a more healthy diet - something about all those triglycerides and high blood pressure and things like that.

Rest assured, I will add more pages as we go. I have a photography page in mind. And, one day, I'll tell the story of how this little cowgirl met and fell in love with my biker. By the way, I don't call him Bossman. I call him Babyman. I know, sweet, right?