Thursday, June 2, 2016

Blogger Pictures Not Showing Up

I posted last week about getting in here to reorganize my blog and realizing that some of my pictures in some older blogs were missing. So, ya know, that took precedence and I was off hunting down where in the world my pictures went. I knew I hadn't done anything (like delete - gasp!). 

I searched and researched and hunted for an answer. I checked my Google+ photos and my Picasa photos. (In case you don't know ((which I didn't know)) Blogger doesn't actually host your photos. Even if you upload directly to Blogger, they are stored either on Picasa or on Google+ - and that's another blog post.)

Anyway, I checked my Picasa albums and made sure all photos were set to "Public". I checked Google+ and made sure they were all good to go. Yep. All was a-okay on both of those. 

I'm a researcher and a thinker, so I spent the next week or so, checking this and that and then rechecking this and that. Take time to contemplate. Then rechecking again. 

I found nothing wrong.

But, I can't move on with reorganization and, ya know, actually blogging, until I figure out what's going on. Like, what mythical blogosphere creature ate my pictures. I mean, I post recipes with step by step pictures. The pictures are GONE. I am a photographer and my pictures are GONE.


I was randomly researching today and something caught my eye.....


I had used the app BlogPress on some posts. It was (keyword "was") a great little app. You could take pictures with your phone and you could blog right from the app. I tried it and liked it. Kinda. However, when I got my "big girl" camera, I obviously, couldn't blog with those pictures from the app on my phone. So, thankfully, I don't have a LOT of posts that were blogged from BlogPress.

Apparently, when you blogged from the BlogPress app, your photos were stored in a BlogPress album. Annnnnd, the company went....belly up? Out of business? 

I'm not sure where they went. I know if you go to the developer website from the app, you get a generic oops page from GoDaddy or some such thing. 

I checked all of my blog posts with missing pictures and found that, yes indeed, they were all done using BlogPress. See that little blurb at the bottom...

Annnnd as far as I can find out, there is no way to get the pictures back. No response from the company that owns (owned) BlogPress to other bloggers that have discovered this. 

So, after getting mad, crying, throwing a fit, etc., I have decided to just move along. I have installed two backups for my photos, so that they don't get lost again. Lesson learned.

If you're a blogger and you can't find your photos, BlogPress may be the answer.
And that answer sucks. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Update! Where Did My Pictures Go?!

I've been working on an overhaul of this blog. It seems to forever be a work in progress. 

I have moved my photography and writing over to my website at I also occasionally post to my Facebook page. However, Facebook algorithms make that somewhat of a moot point. 

Anyway, back to this blog! I am trying to decide what content to include and how to arrange it. I've came in here several times, but get sidetracked by the fact that a lot of my pictures are missing on my older posts. Is there a picture universe somewhere that I don't know about?! I mean, where could they have GONE? 

So, I've been googling what happened to my Blogger pictures - which is a Google product - so, the answer should be right on the first page, right? Nope. Actually, there are lots of results, but none that really pertain to me and my blog.

So, do I scrap the old posts or continue hunting down where my pictures might have gone? 

Decisions, decisions....

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Newborn Composite Practice

I wasn't sure how to do this on the group, so I am doing a blog post on my personal blog. 


I use a baby doll for lots of things, including practicing on composite editing for those cute newborn sessions. I use her for setting up sessions - I lay her in the set up and check lighting, how it's going to look with a real baby, etc. Dangit, I can't get her in the froggy pose :(

I usually have my husband to hold her head, but he wasn't home today when I decided to do this. However, you can put anything in the photo and work on a composite to remove it. I used the envelope my newly ordered props just arrived in for this one. Hey, it was handy.

As a few on the group will tell you, I also use my 5 lb pomeranian, Meg, as my model sometimes. She hates my camera and usually looks like I'm torturing her, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?!

First of all, links....these are the two photos I used to make a composite. They are Canon 6D RAW2 files. I have downloaded them to dropbox, so you can download them if you want a quick practice - or take your own and just put something in the photo that you want to remove.

***Since I was working on this photo alone today, and over Christmas, we are repainting my studio, so I used the side of the bed in my spare bedroom and an extra pillow to set the doll up. I didn't take my lights and all that in there, so you'll just have to work with that I've got on hand. LOL 

Step 1: Open image one in PS 

Step 2: Open image two in PS

Step 3: Go to image two, on the top of your screen, between "Type" and "Filter", you'll see "Select". Click on "Select" and then on "All". Go to image one and click "Edit" (at the top) and "paste". This places image two over image one. 
It will look like this.

Step 4: Add a layer to image two (not the background image) and lower the opacity to where you can see both images on your screen (will look like the above photo). I lowered to 43% because I could see fairly clearly where I needed to work.
Use your "move" tool to position and line up the faces on the two images.

Step 5: Use your brush at 100% opacity and on BLACK (to remove) ***white adds, black removes*** and brush over the area that you want to remove. Raise and lower the opacity to make sure you're getting it all. Basically, you're going to see image one with the envelope hidden by image 2 on top of it.

You're mask layer will be black where you erased. Like this: 

Step 6: Raise the opacity back up to 100% - zoom in and make sure you got everything removed that you want to remove.

Composite complete!
This will be a super easy composite since the baby doll can't move. A real baby can move just a smidge and you'll have your work cut out for you. Also, note, removing an assistant's hand will require quite a bit more fine tuning. BUT, if you are just learning how to do a composite or just wanting to practice....knock yourself out! yourself a baby doll (or swipe one from your kid's toy box) and have somebody hold the head on top in one shot and underneath in another.
Have fun!